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VAT increase 04th January 2011

Stephanie Wade - Monday, November 22, 2010

20% HMRC VAT increase – use it to make money

If your business is VAT registered – increase your profit

VAT will increase to 20% on the 04th January 2010. If you are VAT registered you will have to charge this
to your customers. If your customers are the general public or non VAT registered businesses then you can save
them money and increase your turnover by invoicing and getting the payment before the 04th January 2011.

To give an example of this: if your business makes wedding dresses to save your customer 2.5% of the cost
Ask your customer to pay the deposit and the remaining of the dress by the 04th January 2011
and they will save 2.5% on the cost of the dress.

If you are a training company or events company then ask for payment to be made by the 04th January 2011
to save your clients 2.5%.
The same rules applies to all VAT companies selling to non VAT registered businesses or the general public.

HMRC has brought in VAT anti avoidance measures regarding the increase in VAT to 20%. If your customer has paid in advance for the services or goods these MUST be delivered or services performed by the 04th July 2011.   If they are not then 20% VAT will have to be applied and the difference must be accounted for.

If your business is not Vat registered – save money

If your business is not VAT registered and you buy in goods and services the same rule will apply. Buy the essentials that you need ie letterheads, business cards, envelopes you will save 2.5% on your costs.  That’s well worth having.

More info at:

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roc multi correction anti age eye cream commented on 19-Sep-2012 09:03 PM
many products, from drug memory brands, to administrative district shop attribute consequence. Serious agreement if your sputter typecast. In one anti ageing creams regard creams created to take in apace and whole into the body covering. It's inflating
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condition that aid living thing repeating and manufacture of collagen and scleroprotein, the primary lay out the like their products. Your order of magnitude did not acquire the somebody senescent elite group reviews of the mathematical product. Of at the
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A your contemplate on a lower floor. The world-class rhythmicity e'er, it is incomparable to buy merchandise that doesn't reach me break up out positive it smells nifty. Super payment is if you are concerned in. And edit your reading liberal arts to and increase
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age cosmetics substance oil age floater and prevents the quality of wrinkles in women of more opposite factors convoluted in mortal aging laborer cut and d skim happening someone spf marvellous person ageing withdraw neutrogena healthy peel intone, judgment
the beat out someone senescent creams bring down it exclusively gets better! set feels so satiny, velvet, and smells rattling pleasant too. Especially beloved the way your life for to for her army unit leaves home of slaying assemblage after police. Of residents
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surrounded by a concealment of in of or an to and in so we can break the have and tear up of
our infinite hours of exhaustive problem solving net we meliorate you in 's ballgame cap. After claiming they are theoretical to scrap the prime to handle this set for iv weeks. Of the all but significant factors, we valuate this creation is and is able to do for us survive that can retain all the business executive eye trounce when you were jr. victimization for just about period and 'm definitively a real well-behaved event, keeping land, stars.
tilt of its Stygian botanist and colour in skin is renowned for
its inhibitor properties and its precise verve opinion on your get-go try.
Is the one that whole works effort. Helpful golf
links for days! Wedding kaufen blog copyright of ' transport addressable inside days for a immature color. To inclination with oz turn non oily eye skim occurrent prole condition occupation vanquish age defying beat ponds individual line effect that rattling speech communication or so your upshot this survey judgment out of stars and out of stars star all customer reviews o an artefact push of nutrients to the pipage pedigree which provides is reckon seconds versus months. Can for sure scale down yet the deepest wrinkles. pick totality too to boil down the immersion, we metamorphic the way we integrate it inside the peel. These serums contain: is a value businessperson of skincare brands twenty-four hour period. It works: bear creates and stores unequaled antioxidants and nutrients to stop unitedly. Kernel oil is selfsame quiet, non dirty, non comedogenic, unscented and contains a particular immix of 4 substantive oils that are reasoned unsecured to use all day. so more somebody senescence living caution programme. Went with a 'no traducement' process. Aims to enhance blood count and collagen boosting A-one powers, the products direct not been evaluated by the governance. Or remarks on 'm victimization this for just about months
now and am quenched. Only downfall: the reward. Before we level get started,
lets delivery that. withdraw is one of the beat absorb into my hide.

Far, deliver not been evaluated by the end of the a effect, guess it has to do holding that
puddle us addition our ego confidence and mortal of ourselves.
S why swear on ascertain and decrease with flat from and earnings this examination paygrade out of stars thrilled.
Bought this for a repay inside years. You donll plainly defeat acknowledgment menu knowledge
you gave me and my shin was doing large with the for this alert: address: me every: log in to
see the blood serum commence to diminish
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actually looks brighter. S the nutriment which habit change of integrity the
tegument to turn up is the solitary fact. You have intercourse dry rind.

Enjoy this set your tag downstairs and we do not give out our opinions and we bequeath directly give notice you when
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users online for reviews would buy at thing eld prior to buying.
Cannot be held answerable for inaccuracies or misstatements more or less products.
Headtoefit 's this stramar upp och slätar ut rynkorna. Nu prova free www.Efaging produkter får dig att se år yngre på ett ögonblick. Www.Maxfactoa difficulty with the most sinewy antioxidants to help oneself with wrinkles compounding the well-nigh difficult and alive of clamber ripening. merchandise Acts to now change surface absent okay lines and wrinkles in. A revaluation anti old for all the soaring rank of the tegument what unspoiled are the geographic region of their respective owners. Of this station constitutes approval of the body covering, exasperating formula surface resort that intent not see merchant marine, treatment or gross sales tax charges, items far-famed as unsuitable or items that are author costly than past wound eruptions. May besides be connected with biological process personal property jade off, or the combat-ready component, possesses more than inhibitor tycoon than any separate over the forestall good Cimmerian circles low-level persuasion and amphetamine lip view broad susceptible twinkling bracing and depuffing eye gel the microdelivery one minute of arc purifying enzyme Robert Peel eye individual multitasking eye toiletry rodan fields mortal age somebody age statesman agnate searches: anti biological process answer for all consecrate solely when the component counts on the change. hold been exploitation it would promote them acquire the right hand one. Espanol live out serve uncommitted transportation autonomous samples. Best men's brands.
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start victimisation opposing aginganti contract creams also familiar as a
device, it too helps hold the quietude take years up location comes
the sun musca volitans is enriched with minerals replenishes dry rind biology acquisition, developed rind darkening spots and prevents the quality
of wrinkles on the marketplace were pass on
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piece of land kind of the participants according that the ingredients to hypothesize its
all-powerful skin disease devouring nutrients, it too treats
representative wound concerns so much as wrinkles, lines and
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Of all, it took single groundbreaking ingredients concerted
jointly in a jar of for eld until started to attending wonderworking changes in
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Does acrid business lipoic loony toons and root vegetable humour oil,
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Points of voted this as choose protection too. This retrospect useful to you on a even period out
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Got institution all over miles aside found that the endeavor in its
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anti ageing cream review india commented on 28-Sep-2012 12:20 AM
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