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The problem with a successful business is that you make profit – and then the tax man grabs a chunk of your hard-earned cash!

First it’s VAT, then income tax, then corporation tax – it seems to be endless.  As your business grows the tax man gets more and more of it.  It’s very frustrating!

Tax planning doesn’t mean that you don’t pay HMRC what they are entitled to, but it does mean NOT paying them money that you don’t need to.  That’s where a good tax planner comes in; they ensure you make the most of your allowances and invest your money in the most cost effective way possible so that you keep more of your profit – legally.

And all that is before you’ve thought about your personal tax situation.  You can ask us about:

•           Income tax

•           Capital gains tax

•           Inheritance tax

•           Business tax

Every business is different and one size definitely does not fit all – Accounting Plus UK works with your business to ensure the tax arrangements give you the best possible outcome.


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